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Turbocharger Test Rigs

With rotational speed in excess of 60,000 RPM, collection of strain and temperature data from turbocharger rotors is quite a challenge.  Astech have many years of experience in this specialist application.  Shown is a TX894D PCM transmitter mounted on a turbocharger rotor extension.  Inductive power supply and signal pickup are by interface module IL2 with custom antenna.

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Turbo Charger Transmitter - TX894D

The TX894D measures 25mm axial x 25mm diameter and is used to transmit torsion and resonance strain signals.  A PCM data rate of 220,000 samples per second provides 30KHz bandwidth.

Turbocharger Transmitter TX894D + Inductive Power and Signal     Antenna Coil

Inductive power and signal data are transmitted across a 3 - 5mm air-gap between transmitter and antenna.

Super-Mini Strain Transmitter

This tiny turbocharger transmitter uses bi-directional inductive coupling via a ferrite extension stub to achieve minimum size.