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Combine the high accuracy and low noise of Astech Rotary Telemetry Transmitters with torque sensing strain gauges provide a torquemeter having excellent performance.  Applied to existing shafts both mean torque and torsional oscillations up to 30KHz may be measured without disturbing the dynamics of the components under test.  Alternatively the torquemeter can be supplied in the form of a "drop in" coupling custom manufactured to suit as existing application.  Simple, accurate and inexpensive.


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A simple torquemeter used on scale model mixers, and based upon a 10mm diameter shaft. No bearings or sliding contacts allows accurate measurements at fractions of 1 Nm. Remotely selectable ranges 0-1 Nm, 0-5 Nm and 0-10 Nm.

1 x Compact transmitter type TX35D/1 (inside sleeve)
1 x Inductive head type IH2 with universal mounting bracket

Simple drop-in coupling design torquemeter

1 x TX31D transmitter
1 x CAK shaft clamping kit

Very low levels of torque and thrust need to be measured in this torqueshaft which forms the head of a scale model test rig for marine propeller.

Torque measurement system attached to 240mm diameter coupling to form torquemeter for ship's trials.  The battery powered transmitter extends transmission air gap to 150mm, making installation very straight forward.

1 x TX31D transmitter
1 x Battery Unit BU31
1 x CAK shaft clamping kit
1 x Inductive Pickup IH1 plus mounting bracket

A permanent torquemeter installation on a ship's prop shaft.

1 x TX31D/1 transmitter
1 x Split-ring shaft clamp assembly
1 x Inductive Head IH2

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