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Rotary Test Rigs

Rotary telemetry is the ideal solution for multi-channel collection of data from rotary test rigs, particularly where high rotational speeds are involved.  Astech produce systems using standard parts with custom packaging of rotating assemblies when necessary.  Systems interface to commonly used sensors including strain gauges, thermocouples, pressure transducers and accelerometers.


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2 and 4 Channel thermocouple inductively powered transmitter - TXJ870D

Multi Channel thermocouple input inductively powered transmitter - type TXJ870D with integrated power pickup loop, for end of shaft installation.  The titanium bodied transmitter measures 10mm x 50mm and will operate at in excess of 50,000 RPM

7 Channel thermocouple transmitter - 40mm x 40mm x 35mm

7 channel thermocouple transmitter 40mm x 35mm with inductive power and signal coupling. Temperature measurement inside gearboxes under test.

Rotary telemetry for CVT Gearbox Test Rig

Torque plus 2 temperature channels transmitter enclosed in sleeve style housing.  Inductive power and signal coupling, operating in oil mist.