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Marine Torque Powermeter 

Astech have been supplying marine torque and power measurement systems for many years to important clients including: The Royal Navy, Australian Navy, Estonian Navy, Greek Navy, Jordanian Navy, Kenyan Navy, Oman Navy, Qatar Navy, Saudi-Arabian Navy, US Navy, BAe Marine Systems (formerly BVT Surface Fleet) Portsmouth UK, BAe Marine Systems Barrow-in-Furness UK, Lloyds Register of Shipping UK, Jinling Shipyards Shanghai China, STX Shipbuilding Korea, HHI Korea, Samsung HI Korea.

Torque measurement is usually carried out using the well proven bonded strain gauge technique, the shaft clamping torque sensing beam method is also available as an alternative. Digital encoding of measurements and PCM data transmission ensure reliable operation and accuracy to 16 bits (1 part in 64,000). The rugged split-ring shaft assemblies are custom fabricated according to shaft diameter and additional remote displays can be incorporated as required. A USB port enables connection of a laptop for ships trials and other specialised tasks.

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Torque Transmitter Type TX1116D

Torque transmitters type TX1116D. Encapsulated circuitry within a machined steel housing.

Transmitter installed in Split-Ring

Transmitter installed in split-ring. The side plates are located by polypropylene segments which also carry the single turn inductive loop. An easy to install and immensely strong assembly.

Main Processing Unit

Main processing unit and panel style repeater display.

Typical Shaft Installation

Typical shaft installation with inductive head and tachometer sensor mounted on baseplate.