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Marine Ship Trials

The simple inductive signal or signal + power transmission technique and steel strapping hand minimises installation work in ships trials.  The Astech range includes single and multi-channel systems with battery or inductive power for the transmitters


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Ships Trial Installation - TX31, BU31, CAK + 1H1 PICKUP

Typical ships trials installation on 220mm diameter shaft.  TX31D transmitter, BU31 battery unit, CAK shaft attachment kit and 1H1 signal pickup.

Torque Readout Unit  - Port and Starboard RPM (courtesy of BVT)

Split-ring assembly, integrated power pickup / signal transmission loops.

Complete Test Set  - 4 x single channel systems + 1 x 4 channel system

A complete test set for investigation of marine propeller shaft bending strains. 4 x single channel systems + 1 x 4 channel system.