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Inductive Loops

An alternative configuration to the inductive head type power supply is a stationary loop, which encircles the shaft and transfers power to a second loop located around shaft, or to a power pickup module (part IP2) carried on the shaft clamping kit strapping.

The stationary loop will usually be attached to the IL2 interface (loop matching) module. If the connecting cable is less than 2 metres connection can be made directly to the loop and the IL2 dispensed with.


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IL2 Inductive Loop Interface Module

  • ■ High effeciency power coupling for multichannel strain transmitters
  • ■ Supplied with pre-formed glass fibre loops 40 - 200mm in diameter
  • ■ Air gap up to 90mm
  • ■ Incorporates signal pickup
  • ■ Non critical alignment
  • ■ May also be used in end of shaft location

IP2 Compact Power Pickup Module

  • ■ Compact - 33 x 28 x 8mm, replaces shaft loop
  • ■ Use with stationary loop and interface module IL2
  • ■ Airgap 100mm or more
  • ■ Incorporates signal transmission
  • ■ Attaches to shaft with CAK kit giving fast strap-on installation
  • ■ Stationary loop may be shaped to accommodate large shaft displacements