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Inductive Head

The usual form of transmitter power supply when the air-gap between head and shaft will not exceed 20mm, is by inductive head type IH2 or type IL2/L (longer pole pieces) for large shaft diameters. The head induces electrical power into a single turn loop attached to the shaft surface. Increased air-gap to 30-40mm can be achieved by increasing the number of loop turns.


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IH2 and IH2/L Inductive Heads

  • ■ Powers transmitter and also collects data signal
  • ■ Very simple installation - single loop on shaft and no stationary loops
  • ■ Universal mounting bracket for easy adjustment
  • ■ Up to 50 metres cable connection
  • ■ Submersible version available
  • ■ 50 x 35 x 25 / 85 grams
  • ■ May also be used in "end of shaft" location.