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Inductive Coupling Systems


Inductive coupling systems enable the transmission of electrical power and data across an air-gap, providing a unique solution to difficult engineering problems and a reliable, maintenance free, frictionless and long life alternative to sliding contacts or slip rings.


Astech originally developed inductive coupling for use in Rotary Telemetry, utilising relatively high frequencies to provide compact and efficient components. From these designs inductive coupling systems have been developed for applications requiring to angular or linear displacement or simple stationary air-gaps.

These systems will function in hazardous fluids, underwater, in a vacuum or at high pressure and at separations of up to 50mm. Custom configurations to suit particular applications - including modules, segments, rings and discs are available and an in-house ferrite moulding facility allows maximum design flexibility. Available power ratings are in the range 1W to 200W. Epoxy-resin encapsulation.

Applications for inductive coupling systems are found in packaging machinery, industrial mixers, food production, machine tools, paper making plants and a wide range of Rotary Test Rigs.

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45mm Diameter Inductive Coupling via Rings, Underwater Dynamometer

2 Watt Inductive Head Powers Radio Telemetry in paper Making Machinery

Inductive Coupling Provides Interface During Development of Steering Wheel Control Systems

160mm Diameter Ring powers Multi-Channel Sensor Telemetry in Gas Turbine

Co-axial Loops Provide Power and Data Transfer at 50,000 RPM in Ball Race Test Rig

Inductive Coupling Ring in a IP62 Sealing Enclosure

25mm Sealed Coils on Turbocharger Test Rig, 70,000RPM

Driveshaft Torquemeter Installation. power and Data Coupling over 50mm Radial Airgap

Inductive Power and data Coupling System. End of Shaft Installation