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Compact Demodulator

The new portable demodulator RE3D is a portable unit suitable for field use.  It replaces the module demodulators RE1D and RE2D.  For laboratory based applications using larger amounts of channels, the Caseframe type is generally used.


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Compact Module - RE3D

The all new RE3D compact demodulator utilises the latest technology to offer an extremely versatile unit.

The features of the RE3D include:

  •   Remote control of transmitter sensitivity, zero offset and calibration signal.
  •   May be used with single channel, two channels or four channel transmitters.
  •  Tachometer input enables power measurement.
  •   Four scalable output filter cut off choices from 1Hz to 19kHz.
  •   Full menu with OLED display.

Expanded Version - RE3D-10

The new RE3D-10 has the same features as the standard RE3D but can handle up to 10 strain, thermocouple etc channels